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Same last name? 2021/1/12 04:19
So. Say that you have a brother you're family names are uh sugah. Big bro is called reichi and little bro is called Suri. When walking around would people both call you by you're family names or by your given names?

(I dont think it makes sense. It did in my head)
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Re: Same last name? 2021/1/12 11:24
So just to confirm, there are two brothers, older brother Reichi Uh Sugah and little brother Suri Uh Sugah, and if they're both together at the same time, you're asking if people would call them by their given or family names, right?

The answer would probably depend on who they're talking to and what their relationship is. For example, if they're talking to a mutual friend, they'd probably be called by their given names. Like, if Taro is friends with both of them, he'd probably call them Reichi and Suri. If he called them both Uh Sugah/Uh Sugah-san, they wouldn't be able to tell which one of them he's talking to.

On the other hand, if they're talking to someone who only knows one brother, or has a much closer relationship with one brother than the other, one might be called by their last name or given name, and the other by "younger/older brother." For example, if Taro is close friends with Reichi but doesn't have such a close relationship with Suri, Taro might call Reichi either "Reichi" or "Uh Sugah," and call Suri "ototo-san" (little brother). The reverse can happen too, of course. If Taro is close to Suri but not Reichi, he might call Suri "Suri" or "Ug Sugah" and call Reichi "oni-san" (big brother).
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Re: Same last name? 2021/1/13 14:35
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