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Dependent Visa expiring on Dec 2021/1/13 23:50

Hi, Im on a dependent visa and my visa will expire on December.

I am planning on going home to my home country this May for 6 months and will be returning to Japan before my visa expires to apply for extension.

Will the immigration deny my application for visa extension for the fact that I am out of Japan for the last six months?

Any help regarding this issue is very much appreciated
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Re: Dependent Visa expiring on Dec 2021/1/14 11:24
you mean your status was expired in Dec. 2020. or will be expired in Dec. 2021 ?
in any cases, your status is "dependent" for your "sponsor".
I believe that your sponsor needs to take some paperwork, if it can be recovered.
your sponsor should ask immigration office in Japan or Japanese Embassy.
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Re: Dependent Visa expiring on Dec 2021/1/14 11:32
I assume it gwillh expire in Dec. of 2021.

I donft know how long you have been living in Japan as gdependenth so far, but if you are away for a very extended time (for example 6 months out of 1 year), immigration might simply wonder if you really want to be with your spouse in Japan.

Also stay aware of the COVID situation – I certainly hope things will have gotten better by then – but if you happen to be unable to return to Japan before it expires (due to travel suspension for example), you might have to re-do the application, though it is likely to be simplified if under the impact of COVID.
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Re: Dependent Visa expiring on Dec 2021/1/14 15:21
although you may have a right to go back and forth between Japan and your (or other) countries, you have to think about more seriously that most of Japanese restrain voluntarily not to go abroad right now.

what you are saying is similar to that a Japanese will go to Hawaii this May for vacation.

you can do that, but, I am not surprised that you and your family may be blamed and be discriminated by the neighbors and the coworkers when you come back, because of your selfish behaviors (not because that you are foreigners).
of course, no one blames you that you go home to your country with one way (no more coming to Japan). but, in that case, you don't need to think about keeping the status.

don't forget that Japanese hate persons who don't think about others and they don't help such persons.
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