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Does anyone know high vocal japanese song 2021/1/25 03:06
This song starts with a long high pitched note by a female singer. I remember this song vaguely in the late 2000s I think, the MV looks like some angel with a lot of white light. Her voice is really high and it ends with a high note too if I'm not wrong. I keep having snippets of it with a title like "Kimi no ga Iru" or something similar but when I try to find the name nothing comes up, I could have remembered the title very wrongly. Thank you!
by Ari (guest)  

Re: Does anyone know high vocal japanese song 2021/1/28 13:34
Hi! I tried to find what you are looking for. But I couldn't. Please tell me more specific information.
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Re: Does anyone know high vocal japanese song 2021/3/1 09:28
I'll take a stab at Tomomi Kahala. Second guess is Namie Amuro. Third guess is any singer under the wing of Tetsuya Komuro. He always insisted his singers sing higher than their abilities. And caused much stess might add.
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