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How can an Indian become an manga artist? 2021/1/29 15:26
I am actually 17 years old and want to become a manga artist and also I have a story and I am practicing my manga everyday and also I am learning Japanese by mobile apps but my parents said no to this (for becoming manga artist).So I don't know what to do , like I have to move to japan first and find job then publish manga or to get job first here in India and then go to Japan when I have maded some money or to contact publishers and send them my work cause all job and stuff I have to do all on my own. Please someone guide me.
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Re: How can an Indian become an manga artist? 2021/2/2 14:55
I'm not detailed about the situation in India, but there are two typical ways for a foreign person to succeed as a manga artist in Japan. One is to compete against the Japanese artists-to-bes. To do this, you need to be fluent in Japanese language, and know the current Japanese situation and culture as well as the locals, which may be difficult if you are living overseas. The other way is to become a successful manga artist in your home country first, successful enough to gain a good agent and interpreter so that you could export your work to Japan. Good luck!
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Re: How can an Indian become an manga artist? 2021/2/2 16:28
Imagine you're a right-handed person who wants to learn to play guitar. Only for some reason you want to learn to play guitar with your left hand. You wouldn't tackle both problems at the same time. You would probably learn the basics of guitar first, then try to gradually get used to using your left hand for simple tasks, eventually you might be able to play guitar with your left hand.

In other words, you should separate the two things you want to do. Get good at creating comics in your native language first. You can do this right now. An insane amount of people publish comics online. Some even make money doing it. Getting started is practically free, so there is no reason not to start now if you're serious about comics as a career. While you are honing your skill as an artist you should also be learning Japanese seriously. Unfortunately learning just with mobile apps isn't going to get you anywhere close to the level you are going to need to create comics for a Japanese-speaking market. They're fine for the absolute beginner level, but you are going to quickly find that you need to invest in some books and very possibly some lessons too. Learning Japanese takes a long time but basically anyone with the time can do it, so start taking Japanese seriously while also learning to make comics. When your Japanese language skill and cultural understanding gets better you can start making Japanese-style comics in Japanese and self-publishing them. It is highly unlikely that the rights to whatever you create are going to get picked up by a magazine without you making some kind of name for yourself first. It's kind of like expecting to get signed to a major label before your band has even played its first gig; not going to happen. Self-publishing and promoting your work is essential. Some Japanese people make good money doing this by the way so there's nothing wrong with it, doujin events are huge and the online market is of course growing.

Basically, work hard and see what happens.
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Re: How can an Indian become an manga artist? 2021/2/23 20:52
You can start working at a part time job which is unrelated to manga if your parents are worried about your finances. Maybe the problem will be solved with time. And, you do not need to be in Japan to publish manga. Many people are publishing manga all over the world. It does not have to be such a permanent goal to change countries. It can still be a nice trip to look forward to. It is more important to keep practicing and relax. You still have plenty of time. Cheers.
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