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Gymnastics in Kyoto for adults? 2021/2/4 01:38
Hello everyone, could someone please tell me of a place I can practice gymnastics in Kyoto? Any schools for adults? Thanks in advance for your help!
by Chiara Simosis (guest)  

Re: Gymnastics in Kyoto for adults? 2021/3/19 21:44

There is a place in Shiga called Ritto gymnastics. I was taken there one time last year on a Sunday afternoon. The facilities are good. I do not know the rules for this gymnasium. I would be interested in going again.
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Re: Gymnastics in Kyoto for adults? 2021/4/6 15:23
oh wow, I never thought that there are actually places in Kyoto that is made for gymnastics. I have a friend there in kyoto who loves gymnastics but she only does it at home by following some youtube videos I think. Not sure but think she has a studio of her own since she is also a dancer. I think this will really be amazing. I will do my best to find other places so that I can recommend it here on this thread. Still, thank you so much for this suggestion! I hope that many other people discover this.
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