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Rakuten Hikari & Mobile 2021/2/18 17:18

I am moving in 2 weeks and I am looking for an internet provider for my new place. I'm interested in the Rakuten package for home internet and mobile. It seems cheap so I wonder if the quality is good.. Has anyone had any experiences with either?

Thank you!
by Daniel (guest)  

Re: Rakuten Hikari & Mobile 2021/2/19 09:56
The optical line (ghikarih) service I have set up at home is via NTT, so Ifm not familiar with the Rakuten Hikari, but I have a SIM card by Rakuten that I use on my iPad Pro when moving around, and the speed is fast enough for me. (Itfs just that I discovered Rakuten service after we already had the NTT installed.)

Note that currently the Rakuten service (at least the mobile) is limited to areas including/around Tokyo, for the rest they utilize the AU service, so it also depends on where you are going to live in.
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Re: Rakuten Hikari & Mobile 2021/2/21 21:31
Thanks AK! I applied for it today at the Rakuten store because it's too complicated on the website. I will report back once I have everything installed in a couple of weeks. Let's hope it works out!
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Re: Rakuten Hikari & Mobile 2021/6/13 00:41
I think Rakuten Hikari is fine because the back is NTT.
I am Rakuten Mobile User though, the signal is not good as expect than others.
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