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Kiitanaba or Takajiri-Oji (Kumano Kodo) 2021/2/25 04:03
I am going to do a chunk of the Kumano Kodo trail...plan is:

- Day 1 - Takajiri-Oji to Chikatsuyu
- Day 2 - Chikatsuyu to Hongo Taisha
- Day 3 - Hongo Taisha to Yunomine Onsen and back (either hike or bus back)

Given the 8 hour hike on day 1, it doesn't seem reasonable to get from Osaka to the start of the hike in enough time before it gets dark (plan is March 2022) so I figure it's best to either stay in Kiitanabe or Takajiri Oji...and either get an early bus from Kiitanabe or just get going early from the starting point.

Is there any compelling reason to stay in one versus the other? Is there anything notable to do from either location for a half day?
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Re: Kiitanaba or Takajiri-Oji (Kumano Kodo) 2021/2/26 06:52

Honestly, it would depend on your interests and when you intend to arrive in KiiTanabe. I really enjoyed Tenjin-zaki, and a part of me would like to go back. I was there in September so it was quite warm and had earlier spent some time at the beach going in to my knees because of jelly fish and lack of lifeguard. I've heard Shirahama as well. I never actually went despite being so close.

One way to think about it, Kii Tanabe is more about seeing the water and ocean while Takajiri-Oji is more about mountains and will feel more remote. How you want to spend your extra 1/2 day is up to you. But I 100% agree you should arrive the day before and not the day you want to hike 8 hours.
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Re: Kiitanaba or Takajiri-Oji (Kumano Kodo) 2021/2/26 08:10
Kk...I think I will head straight to Takajiri-Oji then...I will already be going the art islands (Naoshima, Inujima and Teshima) giving me lots of coast time...and avoiding an early morning bus pre-hike seems like a bonus...if I leave Shin Osaka at noon, I could be in (timetable depending) Takajiri Oji by like noon/1pm and have a half day to wander around and chill before the hike.
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Re: Kiitanaba or Takajiri-Oji (Kumano Kodo) 2021/2/26 14:12
When I did the hike, I arrived at Takajiri around mid-day and did the steep hike up to Takahara (takes around 3 hours) on the same day and stayed at a wonderful lodge in Takahara overlooking the mountains and where each room had a mountain view (morning fog was unforgettable). The dinner and breakfast was also delicious. I wrote about here: https://bizarrejourneys.com/walking-kumano-kodo/
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