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Work different company on sponsored visa 2021/2/26 14:39
Hello everyone.

I have a question about working for other companies on a sponsored visa.

Currently I have a Specialist in Humanities/Int' Services Visa.

The company that I work for only employs me seasonally over the Summer. Usually I come and go from my home country to Japan just for this job but with everything thats going on in the world right now Im starting to think about staying after the coming Summer.

Am I allowed to work for other companies as long as its a similar job? Or can it be any? If so is there only a certain amount of months I can work for another company before my Summer company can not re-sponsor me?

Just want to get my head round all this.

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Re: Work different company on sponsored visa 2021/2/26 15:24
Ask immigration. Since the rule book is not being followed, they are the best to ask.
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Re: Work different company on sponsored visa 2021/2/27 14:00
That is a very unusual work visa. The employer usually gives you a continuing contract (like 1 year or 2 years, and I mean all 12 months in a year, not just a few during one season), and based on that, you get a work visa/resident status that is needed for you to do that job in Japan. So if you are ghiredh only for, letfs say, 3 months in a year, they should have given you a visa of a similar duration.
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