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Interview clothes 2021/2/28 13:51
Excuse me , if I apply for crane job , non office job in japan, What kind of cloth to wear at interview, is it must to wear suit or just normal simple cloth?

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Re: Interview clothes 2021/3/1 01:39
I don't know what a crane job is, but I wouldn't wear "normal (casual) clothes" to any interview anywhere unless I was explicitly instructed that this was acceptable.
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Re: Interview clothes 2021/3/1 10:57
If you're interviewing for a job in Japan, I would always recommend wearing a suit. I don't think I've ever heard a Japanese person talk about someone being "overdressed" for a job interview, so there's no chance of wearing a suit making a bad impression.
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Re: Interview clothes 2021/3/1 15:15
You do not need to wear suit for part time job interview and that kind of instruction and factory work but for full time job and office work You MUST wear suit.
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Re: Interview clothes 2021/3/3 21:07
Match the color of your belt and shoes.
don't put heavy or larger items in your pocket.
Release the last button of your suit, jacket.
Choose a suit color that matches your personality.
(The primary colors of the recruitment suit in Japan are dark gray, dark navy, and black.)
Avoid wearing a striped suit.
The color of your tie has a big impact, so decide the color according to how you want to express yourself.
carry a simple briefcase or bag. The items in this bag include an A4-sized folder needed to carry your personal belongings as well as other documents for the interview.
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Re: Interview clothes 2021/3/4 11:02
The Japanese internet does tell us that it's best to wear a suit even if it's for construction work interviews. The least you can do is to wear a buttoned shirt with a collar.
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