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Extending front hakama himo 2021/3/3 00:07
I bought vintage silk hakama online that are correct length but front string size is too small.....I bought some hakama extension strings off a kendo website but have no idea how to properly sew them on....looked on Japanese and English forums but can't find a guide on this....if anyone has done this kind of tayloring before please send an example!

Thank you!
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Re: Extending front hakama himo 2021/3/4 10:57
Have you thought about asking for advice at your local (off-line) kimono repair shop or a shop that sells kimono itself? Of course, they probably would be able to do it for a fee, but if you tell them you're on a low budget, they may be able to give you tips on doing it yourself. Also, if you happen to be a student at a college of high school, try asking a teacher specifying in clothing, such as designing, tailoring or homemaking.
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