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40 and no degree 2021/3/4 00:22
I'm quite sure this question has been asked quite a bit here but, here is my circumstance.

I'm 40 with no degree. I taught in Thailand over ten years ago. I don't particularly have a set skill. I am currently teaching myself Japanese. My funding will be limited. So this trip would be an all or nothing move.

With that being said... The goal is to go to Japan and start a new life. I am aware that the visa regulations are firm. And this will make it difficult to stay there.

Any advice???
by James (guest)  

Re: 40 and no degree 2021/3/4 10:19
Look up the various visas to see which would suit you best.

Consider obtaining a degree. Online bachelor's degrees can be completed very cheaply these days (if you are not concerned about the quality, only the obtaining of a degree).
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Re: 40 and no degree 2021/3/4 12:00
Even if you are concerned about quality, a distance-learning degree need not be second-rate. I did my MA with the UK's Open University, it is highly regarded.

You are really going to need a degree if you lack a skill set (enough work experience that you qualify for a visa). Otherwise go in on a student visa, study for a few years and see what happens. Maybe you meet someone and get married. Maybe you win the lottery and start a business in Japan with the money. Maybe you go back to your home country. If you're dead set on an "all or nothing" play then why not?
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Re: 40 and no degree 2021/3/4 13:30
LIZ is completely right about there being good quality online universities - I was referring more to quality being associated with price! :) Distance learning may be a good option both for your financial situation and so you can continue working while you study.
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