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Question about an order from Japan to the US 2021/3/5 11:32

First off, Ifm sorry if this isnft the right place to ask this! I have tried searching and found some posts related to the topic but none were very recent or super relevant. Ifm sure the posts exist; I just really didnft see any. So again, sorry in advance!

Anyway! I bought an expensive, large/heavy-ish item (approx. 35 lbs, not sure the dimensions) back at the beginning of December from a Japanese seller on eBay. Towards the middle of December, the itemfs tracking info changed to gFOREIGN INTERNATIONAL DISPATCH, KAWASAKI PORT, JPh. At the end of December, it was changed to gORIGIN POST IS PREPARING SHIPMENTh and has stayed like that ever since.

Obviously, there are delays due to everything happening in the world and I am trying my best to be patient, but no update in over two months has me getting a bit nervous! I reached out to USPS and they just said it was still in Japan and that I needed to reach out to Japan Post to get a status update and that it should have at least arrived in the US by now (not sure if that is true, just what they said). I donft want to call international when I donft speak the language and just to be told to wait, so I reached out to the eBay seller. Unfortunately, the seller doesnft speak very much English and I think I ended up confusing them (despite trying to Google translate and send English). I tried to find an email address for Japan Post so that I could maybe reach out that way but it seems like that option doesnft exist.
So! Ifm at a bit of a loss as to what to do or if shipping is even happening right now (it looks like restrictions were lifted, but Ifm not positive about that).

Any ideas? Or information about shipping times? Or anything at all? Any help at all (even a point in the right direction!) would be amazing!

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Question about an order from Japan to the US 2021/3/5 13:00
Unless it says gdispatched from the outward office of exchange,h it IS still in Japan.
Japan Post has not been accepting air mail parcels (or EMS, Express Mail Service, items, etc.) to the US for quite some time now due to COVID situation. THis means there is quite a lot of backlog of parcels/boxes waiting to dispatched to the US. Japan Post does not have its own aircrafts, so depends on commercial, regular flights for cargo, (unlike FedEx or DHL).
I sent out regular air mail letters to the US, and has not arrived in one month.
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Re: Question about an order from Japan to the US 2021/3/5 13:55
Long delays. Well documented on the internet. Been going on since mid 2020.
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Re: Question about an order from Japan to the US 2021/3/5 14:00
Also sound like surface mail. So in a container and onto a ship. 3-6 months.
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