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Really confused about this kanji... 2021/3/22 10:59
The other day, I came across this kanji: 襲. When I searched on Jisho, the result that came up was https://jisho.org/search/%E8%A5%B2?fbclid=IwAR3Kek1ACpGrzgJMdfG8TtuPHO...

So by itself, it means to pile up, same meaning as 重ねる。But with う at the end, it means to attack.
Using Rikai and Google, the results also show that 襲 can also mean 重ねる。

But when I try to type かさねる with this kanji, it doesn't come up. What gives? Does it mean anything by itself or does it need to be combined with another kanji? 奇襲 was the whole word that I came across.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Really confused about this kanji... 2021/3/22 17:37
The main meaning of 襲 is “to attack.” It is true that this kanji is used in words meaning “succession,” but in modern Japanese at least, the first meaning that comes to mind is “to attack,” except maybe in the word 世襲制 (hereditary; descendants succeeding the family business/position, etc.)

奇襲 is pronounced “kishuu” (long u at the end) and refers to a surprise attack, sneak attack.
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Re: Really confused about this kanji... 2021/3/22 18:05
Instead of typing かさねる, try typing かさね. Your computer should give 襲 as an option.

襲, read as かさね, represents kimono terms from the Heian era. It can also be used to count layers of 重箱 or 座布団. But I agree that the reading is rarely used today, and would be typically written in kana under these circumstances.

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