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Idol fan 2021/3/30 00:57
I am a fan of yakushimaru hiroko. I want to write a fan letter to her. But i do not know whether she has a twitter, facebook or email. Does anyone know if she uses any of those? Or if there is an address i can send a letter to.
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Re: Idol fan 2021/4/1 10:44
Yakushimaru Hiroko is not an "idol" any more, but a grown actress and singer in her mid-50s who seem to prefer a low-key profile apart from her major acting performances she does about once a year.

She does host a long-running AM radio program which airs every Sunday 8:30-9:00 on Nippon Hoso. It seems that the best way to send fan mail is to write to this show.

Here is the program listing of the radio station.

And the email address that shows up when you click the icon on her program section is as below.

I don't know if anyone working for the show can read English, but if you write simple sentences in plain textbook style, perhaps a lot of people can understand it.

I hope it helps.
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Re: Idol fan 2021/4/1 14:55
Thank you very much for your fast response. I am very grateful that you find the email.
I can write some japanese sentences.
I really hope someone will answer my email.
If i end the email by
お返事待ちしております。this should be polite right?
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Re: Idol fan 2021/4/2 01:59
Right. But remember that the email address is basically for the listeners of the radio program to contribute to the show. In other words, the emails that they receive would basically be used to be read during the program.

I'm sure someone will go through all the emails, and maybe hand them to Ms. Yakushimaru, but you have to admit that it's not really an address to accept fan mails.

Regardless, I do hope you get an answer of some kind.
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