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Working holiday visa interview 2021/4/2 18:32
Once COVID has calmed down and Japan opens to working holiday people from the UK I hope to apply.
My question is for people that have applied for a working holiday visa, what do you wear to the visa interview? Is formal businesswear the correct attire for this or would that be going overboard?
A little bit of a silly question but I know that the first impression can mean a lot and I wouldn't want to be declined because of my attire.
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Re: Working holiday visa interview 2021/4/5 12:16
While I haven't personally been part of a working holiday interview, I can say from 20 years of experience living/working in Japan that Japanese organizations never think of wearing a suit as being so overdressed that it will worsen the impression you give. So if you're thinking "Maybe I should wear a suit," then yes, I'd recommend wearing one, since it definitely won't hurt your chances.
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Re: Working holiday visa interview 2021/4/5 18:48
I'm Australian and it was 30 years ago almost since I applied for a working holiday visa so maybe things are different. From memory the most important thing was that I was planning to travel and see the country. Yes, you are allowed to work but this is only to support your travel. I distinctly remember showing and discussing my itinerary and the places I hoped to visit.
Having said that, the previous poster's comment about wearing a suit is something I agree with 100% and is a bit of a policy I adopted in Japan. Wearing a suit in Japan gives you the benefit of the doubt.
So feel like a bit of a drip for the day and wear a suit.
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