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Are there Hindu Community in Japan? 2005/6/16 13:34
I'm a new member of japan-guide.com..., i just want to know are there hindu community in Japan..??..that's all i want to know.. Thank You..
by putu  

... 2005/6/30 01:49
Google it.
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Possibly 2005/6/30 02:04
My friend's mentor, after discovering my interest in the nation, explained to me that he lived in Japan for several years with his family. He is Hindu, however he did not mention a community (most likely, because it wasn't entirely relevant to the conversation). I'm sure there may be a collective somewhere, it's a matter of reading up on articles or statistics about their social presence. So Google is a good friend to have in this case. And even in your own community, there may be someone bound to know a little something about Japan's various social groups. G'luck!
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Indians 2005/6/30 08:11
I don't know about Hindu, but there always has been a large number of Asian Indians here for more than a century. Hop in one of the many Indian restaurants and ask, or just contact your local international exchange lounge in Japan.
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Hindu community in Kobe 2005/7/27 12:44

In the region of Kobe City called Nada, there is a large (for Japan), Hindu community. There is at least one temple in Nada. In another city close to Kobe called Ashiya, there is another large Hindu community. Kobe is in Hyogo in Japan. Kobe is 30 minutes from Osaka city.

Good luck
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about the hindu community 2005/7/27 14:42
just i did not how many person at there ,who belong the hindu community. but i think at there many person is hindu because buddh community is belong to hindu community .
i m wait to your anser also
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yes. 2007/11/28 01:58
greetings from indojin.
yes,as i know lots of hindu
lives in kyoto,osaka &tokyo
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