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Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/8 15:21
So there's this website that I would love to purchase from. However, when I get to the checkout page to fill out my address, I can't proceed because I am required to include a prefecture and a 7-digit zip code, which is for shipping within Japan. I've searched all over for hours, but I can't find an option for overseas addresses.

I know that this site supports overseas shipping (or did at some point), as it's mentioned in the help pages and I have seen individuals overseas who have purchased items in the past without issues. I would submit a help inquiry but from what I've seen, they typically do not respond to English messages.

I don't know any Japanese and I use google translate to help me navigate the site, so it's likely I may have missed something because of mistranslation.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

The website: https://comico.meetmygoods.com/
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/8 19:34
Where in the help section does it mention that they ship internationally? I looked at the sections that seemed relevant and all I could find was the shipping prices for domestic delivery. I haven't read the entire help section (there's a lot) so if you could point me to where you read that they can ship outside Japan we may be able to get to the bottom of this.
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/8 21:33
They do say:
For overseas: please check (the shipping charges) on Yamato International Takkyubin charge table

So they ship internationally. But I’m just wondering if they are limiting overseas shipping currently.
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/8 21:39
It’s not under “help” but here:

True, under “help” there is no mention of overseas shipping.
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/8 22:36
Try emailing them in plain textbook English, along with Japanese automatic translation. And for automatic translation, I recommend Deepl over Google. Be sure to write in both English and Japanese.

But from the look of their website, they don't really seem to be foreign-language friendly. They may be shipping overseas, but I can sense that they hate to have anything lost in translation. Still, there's no reason you shouldn't try.
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/9 02:53
Many Japanese companies that normally ship internationally have suspended this service because air freight service (including small parcels) has been severely disrupted by the pandemic. I can’t speak for this particular site, but I know that many merchants on the Rakuten Marketplace (Japanese-language site) are just not accepting orders for packages to ship to the U.S. A friend of mine who lives in the U.S. was trying to get a small order for anything shipped here just to keep his large hoard of Rakuten points active (if you don’t buy anything for a year, you lose all your points), and he could not find anything at all. He ended up having to send something to someone in Japan in order to make a qualifying transaction to keep his points alive.

I can hardly blame the merchants. I actually placed an order for something from Japan on eBay at the very beginning of the pandemic, and it took more than two months to show up. I looked at that merchant’s eBay page and many people were giving them bad ratings because of this. It wasn’t their fault at all. With severe cutbacks in international flights, there is limited capacity for air freight.

This is off-topic, but if there are people who have accumulated a lot of Rakuten points (they pile up fast if you use Rakuten Travel for booking hotels in Japan), it pays to keep track of how long they will remain active. It’s a pity to just lose them.
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Re: Cannot find overseas shipping address option 2021/4/9 05:59
Hello everyone,

Thank you so much for your responses!

I have sent an email to their support in English and Japanese as suggested here, still waiting on a response.

Their website is somewhat difficult to navigate at times, I'm sorry about that. The website has changed when I looked at it a few weeks before, the link below was part of the help, but I guess they decided to move it. Here's the page that mentions international shipping (not just to the U.S., but other places as well): https://meetmygoods.com/help/%E8%B3%BC%E5%85%A5%E3%81%99%E3%82%8B%E3%8...

I also agree that they may have halted international shipping due to COVID, but I've never heard or seen a mention of something like that. The only time I've ever seen them stop shipping was during the holidays, and that was back in 2018.

I don't know if these will be of any help, but here are the official twitters related to this site (though they don't seem to be very active):
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