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Package returned to Japan 2021/4/11 17:15
hello all! hope you are well.

i sent a package to vietnam back in february and it got to the country fine, however for some reason it's being sent back to japan (i don't exactly remember what all i put in there but it was mainly clothes and shoes). my problem is that i am no longer there and the address i put is just the general area of the airbnb i stayed at.

i can't call japan post because i'm abroad and i can't find an email where i can write to them.

i'm wanting to see if it can be sent to the states once it returns to japan.

what can i do in this situation?

please and thank you so much :)
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Re: Package returned to Japan 2021/4/12 11:16
So you sent the parcel to your home in Vietnam, while you were in Japan, and it is being sent back to Japan, c/o the ggeneral areah of your Airbnb??

If you have the tracking number, you might be able to call Japan Post to ask to re-direct to someone else you might know in Japan (they will want to check that you are the sender, just for proper ID purpose).
If the address was in Tokyo/greater Tokyo area, I believe Kawasaki Higashi post office is the one that handles all international postal items.
They have internet inquiry form, but this seems to be in Japanese only.

I donft know if they can further send it to the States, because obviously the shipping cost issue will be there.

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