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Visa/Business when starting an Eikaiwa 2021/4/15 00:03
Hi everyone, I have a few questions about starting an Eikaiwa pertaining to the business/visa side of things. It might sound a little muddy cause I'm not sure if I'm asking the right questions.

Info I've gathered
Starting a sole-proprietorship business (l kojin jigyo) isn't too difficult in theory.

1.I've read, but haven't been able to confirm, that you may be able to sponsor your own visa if you're running this business. Is it true?

2. I've heard it's possible to do this on a Humanities visa since it's technically still within your visa restrictions, but haven't gone so far to the city hall office/immigration with a Japanese friend to actually confirm this yet, hence why I'm asking here first.

3. Is the business side difficult in terms have writing receipts, paying taxes, etc.? I'm aware that there'll be sole proprietor tax (kojin jigyo-zei), income (shotoku-zei), and residential tax (jumin-zei) to pay.

Any info regarding this process would be greatly appreciated, and of course any info from anyone who's running an Eikaiwai, thank you : )
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Re: Visa/Business when starting an Eikaiwa 2021/4/16 09:28
immigration might judge that your small business is negligible, when it is really small and temporal. but,when it becomes larger, I am sure they will concern your business. the point is that no one knows what extent is negligible or not. they may change their rules afterward, because it seems that there is no definitive rule about the borderline. (i.e. yesterday it was neglected, but not today.)
of course, they have no way to investigate all foreigner's working. most violations may not be found. but, if you start business, you may leave your foot steps in official records, like taxation, bank records, etc. I am afraid that there is no aging for immigration matter. it is better to keep out from unnecessary risks, because you can have an appropriate status, which fit to your business.
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Re: Visa/Business when starting an Eikaiwa 2021/4/16 12:07
1. For running your own business, ginvestor/business managerh visa sounds like the closest one. But this type is said to be difficult to obtain, as you need to have solid business plans, employ a certain number of locals, etc.
2. gHumanitiesh visa/resident status assumes that you are gemployed.h So, if itfs your own business, not really, right?

I am just wondering if you mean advertising yourself saying gI teach Englishh with a phone number at bulletin boards to get some (limited number of) private lessons for cash, or if you really mean starting a schoolc
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Re: Visa/Business when starting an Eikaiwa 2021/4/19 20:47
I managed to get more information from the gov today and found out that you can open an Eikaiwa school under the Humanities visa, since it falls under its description. You'd also be allowed to be your own sponsor providing you can show immigration that you can support yourself in Japan.
They warned me of special Tax procedures, to make contracts with clients for keeping track of financial information, etc. But apparently, it's doable!
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Re: Visa/Business when starting an Eikaiwa 2021/6/10 22:18
It is an old thread though...

Owning an Eikaiwa involves not only teaching but also managing stuff including business registration, doing tax, advertising, etc. Hence I didn't think that Humanity visa/status holders are allowed to engage those stuff especially since example of that visa/status are translation, design, IT engineering. I had thought investor-business manager visa/status was a right one like mentioned earlier. It would be appreciated if I could know which information of the government says that it is possible with Humanity visa/status. Thank you and sorry this post is not appropriate.
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