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Translation of iker/ iger 2021/4/27 11:33
What does the Japanese word iker/ iger mean in English? Sorry not sure exactly how to spell it but it sounds like iger/ iker I think. Thanks
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Re: Translation of iker/ iger 2021/4/27 11:59
No Japanese words end in a consonant except for N, so there are no Japanese words "iker" or "iger." You must be mishearing them, but there's no way for us to really help you on that point without hearing the original Japanese dialogue, or at least reading the complete sentence for context.

There is a Japanese word "ikeru" which means "can go" or "can do (successfully), but that may or may not be what you're hearing as "iker." As for "iger," there's not a commonly used Japanese word that's close to it, so I can't make a guess about it.
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Re: Translation of iker/ iger 2021/4/27 16:42
Like the earlier poster, I am finding it difficult to find the word/phrase that sounds like giker/iger.h Do you mean like (Ifm trying to get the sounds right): English letter gEh followed by the English word gcurth without the gth at the end?
The only thing I can think of, though itfs very remote, is gii ka?h Meaning, gOK?h Often used at the end of an instruction, like a boss telling his subordinate to do something, and asking at the end gyou got it?h gYou OK with it?h Or something like that.

Can you write out the whole sentence or dialogue or situation, where you heard it???
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