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Re-entry to Japan on spouse visa now? 5/21 2021/5/3 07:40
I currently live and work in Japan with my Japanese wife, I also hold a valid Japanese spouse visa. I am originally from the Uk.

What are the rules around leaving and returning into Japan at the moment (May,2021)

I would like to travel to the Uk to visit my family. I know entering the UK is not a problem. However Ifm not sure if I can then return to Japan?
Ifm sure my Japanese wife can return, however I am unsure around the rules about spouse visa holders returning to Japan?

I work and pay taxes in Japan, if this has any impact on the situation.

Any information or help in this matter would be much appreciated.
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Re: Re-entry to Japan on spouse visa now? 5/21 2021/5/3 13:35

According to the notice issued on April 22nd, spouses of Japanese currently holding said resident status would not be prohibited from entering Japan, provided you follow the pre-boarding test as stipulated.
please read this document and also the link (blue font) on this page. Still I need to see what they would decide gafterh the current gemergency declarationh for Tokyo and several other prefectures, as this was issued gbeforeh the current gemergency.h




But considering that the situation is fluid, I would be very careful about any cross-border travel currently; with some countries having explosive number of COVID cases, and with the criticism against the Japanese government for keeping the border open to incoming gbusinessh travelers all this time (and the nonexistent leadership), I would not be surprised even if the government suddenly decided to close the border, for example, for a few weeks.

Just in case you get stuck back home, please be sure that you have sufficient time left on your gspouse of Japaneseh resident status.

Also please check if UK is OK with incoming non-UK nationals who have not been vaccinated (in case your wife is traveling with you).

You or your wife could directly call the immigration bureau as well, to get the most updated information (though they would not be able to give you any prospects for the future). Best wishes.
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Re: Re-entry to Japan on spouse visa now? 5/21 2021/5/4 07:45
For residents, returning is not so difficult now, compared with late 2020.
Please also refer to https://www.mofa.go.jp/ca/fna/page4e_001053.html
For your return you need the pre-flight covid tests specifically as designated by Japan requirements.
Also, you will (both) be subject to 14 day quarantine as the UK is a designated country.
Failure to properly quarantine, and breaking your written pledge to do so may result in your status of residence being revoked, and your being deported.
According to reports, there are lots of people not following quarantine requirements.
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