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Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/6 21:11
I am a US citizen working and living in Japan and I plan to retire here and collect monthly pension payments. I know that if I returned to the US, which is my home country, I can still receive these pension payments from Japan because there is a system to transfer it through to the US. Now what if I do not plan on returning to the US and I want to retire in a country like The Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand or Malaysia?

Would it still be possible to have my monthly pension payments here in Japan be available in one of these Asian countries?

I guess if not directly, the only thing I could do is maybe have the pension payments be directly deposited into my Japanese bank account (if possible) and then just go to ATMs in these countries that have ties to Japanese banks.
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Re: Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/26 10:21
Generally how it works is when you leave Japan, the government will give you a form that you can apply to get it in lump-sum. You mail the blue pension book, a photocopy of your passport, the residence card (expired with hole punched in), and that form.

However depending on the country agreement you also might not recieve it until after the age of 65, which you would need to apply for after that age online..
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Re: Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/28 16:46
Hello, there was an article in the Japan Times a while ago (2017) („Finally, non-Japanese residents can draw pensionsg) which had a link to an information leaflet including the URL of the Japan Pension Servicefs website and. phone no. for inquiries from overseas. I havenft tried it and donft know if the info/phone no. is still valid (just noted it down for further reference for myself) so Ifm hesitant to post it here but if you google the article and try to call you may get more info there?
Good luck.
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Re: Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/28 16:49
Sorry, the article was called „Finally, non-Japanese residents can draw pensions after 10 years of paying ing.
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Re: Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/28 16:56
And there is also a phone no. to call from within Japan.
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Re: Can I receive pension outside Japan? 2021/5/30 09:08
I think the case cited by @ToroZushi does not apply. The lump sum route is more for if you are leaving and never returning, and is especially useful pre retirement age and for people in the country only a short time. It is actually a pretty terrible option, but for some people, better than nothing. I know someone that did this last year, and after five years of contributions got back around 600,000 yen - a small fraction of their actual contributions, but better than nothing (and actually more than they were expecting).
BTW, the maximum you get out as a lump sum is limited to something like three years of contributions. In my case, all of my likely future contributions I will never see a single yen of benefit as I am over the three year mark, but any pension I would be entitled to would be vanishingly small/inadequate as it is based on a full 40 year contribution cycle.
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