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Visa requirement: Be in Good Health 2021/5/8 10:35
I am planning to go to japan and study in a senmon gakkou since i passed the N2 last year and one of the requirements for the visa is to be in good health, but what exactly does that mean? Do they look at all your past medical records or are you required to get a medical checkup. In my case im diagnosed with Hypochondriasis and mild liver pain among others that are more trivial than those 2, but im pretty healthy and fit and those things don't even afect my every day life, im pretty sure that if i got a medical checkup it would turn out all good but im a little bit afraid that if they look at my medical records they could find something(that doesn't even affect my everyday life or that i don't have anymore) that could reject my visa.
I would really apreciate if anyone could tell me the actual requirements for "be in good health"
Thanks and have a good day!
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Re: Visa requirement: Be in Good Health 2021/5/8 22:44
It's fine. Don't worry. Their main concern is that you aren't going to move to Japan and be hospitalised immediately (or drop dead). Mild chronic conditions are generally not going to cause any issues. To be safe I would say don't tell them anything unless asked. While it is possible that things have changed since then I can tell you for sure that they have never gone digging into my medical records.
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Re: Visa requirement: Be in Good Health 2021/5/9 00:57
Thank you! The senmon gakkou i want to enroll in does not ask for a medical certificate so i thought that since for the visa i need to be in good health they might look at my medical records. I actually prefer getting a certificate by medical checkup so this way i make sure they don't dig. Can the japan embassy in my country help me with that?
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