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Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/11 14:26
Hi! as the title says, I would like to work in Japan with my civil engineering degree from Sweden (newly graduated still no experience in the field). I have lived in Japan previously for 1 year and 6 months where I worked different part-time jobs and studied Japanese at a language school. My Japanese language level is N2.

How is the situation there and possibilities to work in this field in Japan, as a newly graduated foreigner, and also as a female?
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/13 17:33
I have a foreign friend who works in a civil engineering company in Japan, but she did graduate from a brand Japanese university. If your university have a decent brand in world rankings, then I think you have a decent shot. Civil engineer would be one of the positions that likely want native level Japanese, but as long as you can pass the interview in Japanese no problem, it shouldn't be a problem. If they give you the option to interview in English or Japanese, I would recommend Japanese because it is important to appeal the point that you can communicate effectively in Japanese. I would also recommend you buy (online on Amazon), Japanese interview prep books. There are correct answers to some of the general questions, and if you don't answer the book answer, that would make you look unprepared.
To get to the interview, you will likely need to pass an SPI exam or something similar online, you should study up on that too.
Certain companies have a company directives to diversify, and they may actually have a soft quota on hiring enough global talent, so that may work in your favor.
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/14 18:34
Any chance you might find employment with a foreign (European) branch office/operations of a Japanese general contractor (construction management company)? That way you could build some experience there, and might be able to transfer to a Japan operation later.
For new graduates in Japan from civil engineering, particularly for women, popular career would include civil servants (not applicable to you, as this would require a separate exam), general contractors, and consultant firms.
In your case, since you donft yet have any skills that an employer in Japan would be interested in and not available in Japan, you might try with European operations. Just an idea.
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/14 22:04
Agree with the above. Although there are exceptions most Japanese firms have no incentive to hire someone who doesn't speak very good Japanese over a local who can do the job just as well, speak the language, and fully understand the culture. Try to get your foot in the door another way. Working at a Japanese firm in Europe is definitely one way to do that.
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/15 00:51
Thank you all for the tips!

As I mentioned above I have lived in Japan before and worked in different part time jobs in Japanese companies with Japanese coworkers who could only speak Japanese, and I also have a N2 Japanese language certificate. So Ifm quite sure the language wouldnft be a problem. What I was more curious to know is how the situation is for female foreigners to work in the civil engineering field in Japan.

Thanks again !
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/15 07:44
The hiring processes for new graduates and experienced professionals are totally different in Japan. You need to apply through specific platforms in specific months. And you need to be in Japan for interviews (for the experienced, they'd offer remote interviews though).
As you are already fluent in Japanese, do your research in Japanese and figure your options out.
Generally speaking, companies expect new graduates cultural immersion, especially in minded industry. They will prefer candidates who grew up in Japan or non-Japanese who graduated from a Japanese university. It's not just language that matters.
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/15 12:38
Having part-time work experiences and holing N2 don't mean that you are able to work as a civil engineer. You need to meet criteria for visa, otherwise none of employes want to you even if you have knowledge in that field. Online interviews can be accepted especially in this pandemic but it is true that you need to be in Japan as you need to meet up with the employer face to face at least once, I was told that they want to confirm if l am a catfish or legit before contract and starting visa formality.
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Re: Working in Japan as a civil engineer 2021/5/16 08:34
Just building on the comment from Kiki, although a while since I looked at Japanese job listings, many included the requirement that you already could legally work in Japan and were in Japan. It is not a Japan specific item, I see it in other countries too. Essentially, you are a much more attractive candidate if the prospective employer doesn't have to worry about all the hassle of a visa sponsorship/application. Targeting companies prepared to offer sponsorship severely limits the employers you would be looking at.
As for being female, as you said, you lived/worked here previously - you will/should be aware of the position of women in society.
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