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Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/18 14:11
I am moving to Osaka next year and currently thinking about the location, as a live alone and on a tight budget, the cost of the utilities (gas water electricity) is pretty important to me.
So,does the cost of utilities differ in various neighborhoods around Greater Osaka Area? Like towns Higashiōsaka or Sakai or Amagasaki.
Maybe someone living there could give some advice on saving money on rent in this area..
by Maria (guest)  

Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/19 02:33
Me & my friend total monthly rent cost with utility =50000 Yen and i pay only 25000 yen per month.
So you can consider share with your friends.
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/19 12:21
Probably sharing is not an option at least for the first months as i know nobody in Osaka.
Where is your appartament situated? What kind 1k 1 lk 1ldk ?
How much is rent and how much is utilities?
What website did you use to find it? Were you asked for a guarantor?
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/19 15:16
I canft answer the question about utilities, but just a word of warning about rental costs.

In Japan you need to pay about 5 month worth of rent before you even move in:
- deposit (2 months rent)
- thank you money to the landlord (1 month)
- fee to rental agent (1 month)
- upfront rent (1-2 months)

Actual costs can differ a bit but generally that kind of money you need to have upfront. Only the deposit you will be POTENTIALLY getting back when you move out, if the landlord thinks that you left the apartment in pristine conditions.

Also mostly apartments come completely unfurnished. So youfll need to buy everything from the fridge , washing machine, furniturec (unless obviously you bring your own things). I would actually have a look in how much international removal would cost, as it can pay of quickly if you compare to needing to buy everything. However electrical appliances depend on your home country if you can bring them or not. Eg European one wonft work.

You still have a year to save up some money.
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/20 13:44
Has someone used website suumo.jp to find an appartment?
There are some options with no key money and no deposit, Is that actually true? What will be other expenses then?
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/20 18:35
Yes, there are options w/o key money. W/o deposit sounds a bit strange. But possible.
But it limits the choice of apartments you have.

Btw, I forgot one more cost. Normally in Japan a guarantor is needed when renting. As a foreigner you unlikely have such a guarantor, so there are companies that for a fee act as the guarantor.

There is some potential good new too though. If you are going to work in Japan, a lot of companies actually have contracts with housing agents. So ask the companies where youfll be working if they offer some kind of support for finding an apartment.
If you are a student, the school/university often also has some kind of housing network.
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/20 23:45
After coming japan,As a student l found following two things are most important :
B)Ryugakusei jutaku sogo hosho=
Comprehensive renters insurance for foreign students
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Re: Utilities in Osaka 2021/5/25 16:00
japan has cheapest hotel in osaka cost 1000 yen per night.
Give it a try for first few days.
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