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Japanese High School 2021/5/18 22:07
Hi! Ifm an incoming grade 11 student this year, but my mom wants me to continue my high school in Japan for grade 12. However, I heard stories that you would go back to grade 10 again to complete high school in Japan even if Ifm at a higher grade in my country. Is it true, or does it depend on the school? Ifm currently 16, and there would be no problem if Ifd repeat grade 10 again.
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Re: Japanese High School 2021/5/19 09:42
More information about your specific circumstances would be useful:

Which country are you currently studying in?
Do you speak fluent Japanese?
Would you be attending a regular or international high school?
Why does your mother want you to do your last year of high school in Japan?
Do you already live in Japan, or would you be moving there? If you are moving, what visa/residency status would you fall under? Do you family you would live with?
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Re: Japanese High School 2021/5/20 18:35
In Japan, senior high school is not compulsory education. So, you need to take some kind of an entrance exam to enroll in one. Also, senior high in any country requires high academic skills. For example, even if you're doing well at math in English, you won't be able to keep up in class in Japan unless you understand all the complicated Japanese math terms. Same thing with literature, social science etc.

For that reason, a lot of Japanese high-teens who spend some time outside Japan would start over from the beginning when they come back to study at a Japanese high school. Maybe what you heard was something about that.

But like the other poster wrote, it all depends on what your mom has in mind.
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