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Unpaid Trunk Room 2021/5/23 16:06
Hello all,

Back in 2018 I was going to temporarily move back to the States and planned to return to Japan just a few months later. I rented a storage room for the time being as I couldn't ship all of my belongings back home.
Unfortunately I had to extend my time in the States, and I was unable to go back to said storage room. Because of my very limited Japanese I was unable to contact them from overseas and their website didn't have any way to contact customer service other than calling.
I knew that I would lose my belongings, but luckily I hadn't stored anything valuable, so I didn't care for the loss so much as wanting to pay what I owed.
I flew back to Japan in 2019 and went in person to their office and tried (in terrible Japanese) to explain my situation and that I wanted to pay back anything that I owed. The staff didn't speak English, but from what I could understand she said they had to toss my things out. I didn't care and let her tried explaining I just wanted to pay. She said there was nothing I could do, but apologized for my lost items.
I apologized profusely for the situation, bowed a while bunch and left.

Anyways it's now 2 years later and I've gotten sudden anxiety over the situation. Wondering if she misinterpreted what I was trying to say (as my Japanese is poor), and I have delinquent fees floating out there. I checked there website once again but there is no customer service help except for calling.

The reason this is giving me anxiety is because the storage room was under my friend's name (they don't speak japanese very well either) and I don't want anything negative to reflect on them, which is why I went in person to try and pay in the first place, but am now worried.

Does anyone know what to do in this situation? I don't have someone who could speak Japanese and call for me unfortunately.

The storage room that I used is called Quraz
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Re: Unpaid Trunk Room 2021/5/24 07:02
1. Too late now
2. If something were to happen negatively, it would've happened by now.

Move on...
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Re: Unpaid Trunk Room 2021/5/24 10:50
Yes. Forget it ever happened. This is nothing to get stressed out about. Especially not three years after the fact. If there was any problem don't you think your friend would have been contacted? Why the sudden anxiety? They disposed of your belongings to free up their storage unit and I strongly suspect that is where this story ends. Move on.
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Re: Unpaid Trunk Room 2021/5/25 22:25
It took me only 3 clicks to access to the English inquiry form by Googling Quraz.
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