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I have an expired COE 2021/5/28 01:24
Can a new company apply for another COE in my name at the immigration office in Japan? Thanks
by Hanson Okyere (guest)  

Re: I have an expired COE 2021/5/28 16:04
So I assume you had one CoE with a different employer, and for some reason you decided not to come work for them/the contract fell through after your CoE was issued? As far as I know: As long as it really expired, it should be OK. Duplicate CoE applications (overlapping time period) are subject to rejection.

But please make sure that the older one has really expired; the immigration authorities extended the validity of already-issued CoEs in view of the COVID situation last year (people unable to travel to Japan though they already had the CoE), I believe by several months.

If it is OK that the new employer-to-be knows that you had an earlier offer but somehow things didnft work out so that you did not come work for them in the end, it might be better to let them know so that gin caseh the new employer-to-be gets a question from immigration they are familiar with the situation.
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Re: I have an expired COE 2021/5/28 16:14
Thank you so much this information
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