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Depositing money at atm machine 2021/5/30 18:43
I need to pay my monthly rent by cash using the ATM. But I found that there's not an option for depositing cash as usual. It just asked me to put in my bank card or passbook which I don't have. I went to the same place where I've deposited cash before. Is it true that the banks in Japan don't allow you to deposit cash on Sundays and public holidays?

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Re: Depositing money at atm machine 2021/5/31 19:14
Do you mean gremittanceh (gfurikomih) into another personfs bank account, but not sending money from your bank account, and instead you want to put in cash into the ATM to make the remittance?
It depends on the bank, but my bank for example seems to have some restrictions on it – remittance by cash from an ATM seems to be limited to weekdays only. (There is a limit by the amount too, but since you made the same rent remittance earlier, that should not be a problem.)
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Re: Depositing money at atm machine 2021/5/31 20:58
It depends on the bank and also the machine. Most ATMs have some kind of restrictions when the counters are closed.

Is it not possible for you to drop by at a bank or post office when real workers are there to help you? Or if you have an Internet bank account, you could send money on-line.
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