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Bringing cat Into USA from Japan 2021/6/2 11:50
Hi everyone,

We will be flying back to the US permanently from Japan sometime this year. We have 2 cats and have been researching how to export animals from Japan and import them into the US. One thing I want to be sure about is the gGeneral Certificate of Healthh to be filled out by your vet. Is there a specific form that either the US or Japan uses for this? (Especially if therefs a specific form from Japan, since I foresee the most possibility of problems to be at the Japanese airport) Or is this form allowed to be any general health certificate that our veterinarian has in office?
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Re: Bringing cat Into USA from Japan 2021/6/3 09:38
My experience looking at moving cats around, the issues were less about taking the cat out of the country, but getting it in at the other end. In my case it was relatively easy for the route NZ to Japan as there is an arrangement between the countries, but there was still a formal Ministry process and documentation required to avoid the six month quarantine that applies on bringing animals into Japan (NZ has much more strict requirements for biosecurity than somewhere like the US).
Your situation is more about the requirements of getting the cat into the USA so you should be concentrating on something like the Department of Agriculture (my initial guess) or the CDC (as suggested by a simple Google search).
The CDC link refers to a certificate of health as per your OP, so check with the requirements of the airline you plan to use. Also, the article references State regulations, so you would need to check that too.
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