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Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/8 19:05
Hello! I would like to ask, is it okay for people outside of Japan to wear Haori casually? What are your detailed views on Japanese outfits or traditional wear being worn and marketed outside Japan; is it appropriation or has it brought delight? Lastly, what are ways to give justice or respect to wearing Kimonos and Haoris as foreigners (not limited to westerners)?
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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/10 00:01
Nobody besides some SJW in the US (and perhaps Canada) even consider cultural appropriation to be an actual thing.
You're fine wearing whatever you want; nobody will care.
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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/10 04:39
I want to say "no" because that's the real answer, but it is more complicate than that I'm sure that if you asked around enough you would find people who would call it cultural appropriation and I feel like by simply asking this question you kind of set yourself up to believe that kind of person over me or the person who replied above.

I'll just say that haori are not sacred and I somehow doubt you are appropriating Asian culture for malicious or otherwise inappropriate reasons. It's just clothes.

Sometimes I see Japanese people walking around Tokyo with their own spin on something that obviously came from Europe or America. Privately I often think they look ridiculous, but also I don't care because they're just clothes and I'm not going to be offended by seeing someone dressed in a way that I think looks bad. Imagine a Japanese person or a person of Japanese descent applying this mindset to you wearing a haori and if you still feel you would be comfortable wearing it then go ahead and wear it.
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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/10 04:41
Anyone can wear kimono/haori. You may want to consider appropriateness of what you wear depending on the occasion or season etc. (Japanese are very Time-Place-Occasion conscious).

I remember a story of a foreign artist who was exhibiting his work in Japan, and he decided to wear Japanese for the reception. Not knowing the difference between kimono and yukata, he picked the latter. Japanese people who came to the exhibit were too polite to say anything. Years later when he learned the difference he felt embarrassed and wondered "how come nobody said anything?".

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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/10 07:45
It depends on whether you're wearing it in a traditional style or as part of a modern mode.

Traditionally, there are very specific rules on what haori to wear when. "Haori" is a word representing the traditional Japanese jacket. Some haori are meant to be worn casually while others are meant to be formal wear.

But that doesn't matter if you're obviously wearing it as part of a modern casual outfit. For example, most people around the world don't wear underwear on top of your jacket. But in punk fashion, you do. So, if it's obvious that you're doing it on purpose, that's okay. Something like that.

Back in the days when many foreign celebrities started wearing "nagajuban" in public, a lot of Japanese people thought, "They don't know that they're wearing underwear in public!" But nowadays, both non-Japanese and Japanese people have come up with more fashionable ways to combine the kimono culture into Western clothing, and they look pretty awesome regardless who the viewer is.

Here are examples on how the Japanese youth have been wearing haori in a brand new way.
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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/10 13:25
When my Japanese friend and I were near a touristic area where there were many foreigners trying on kimono, she told me that it was just kimono-like costume, it was not Kimono for Japanese people. She said it is ok as long as the tourists are happy with that, because it is a touristic service for fun. However, at the same time, she had negative feeling against the dresser (service provider) who did the way for dead people and said that it was like sticking chopstick into a bowl of rice, which makes Japanese people unhappy. So I think this kind of kimono rule should be respected for some or many because it is culture but wearing Haori casually is fine.
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Re: Is it cultural appropriation? (Haori) 2021/6/24 18:36
As stated, anyone can wear kimono or haori. However, not everyone is going to understand your appreciation, fascination, or studying of Japanese culture. So time and place can be relevant. Arguably, it might be more comfortable to wear haori around others that share your admiration or studies of Japanese culture and language, or to teach guests visiting your home in order to show them about other cultures in the world.
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