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Can i get dependent visa? 2021/6/11 05:38
My both parents are living in japan for past 20 years and have the status of PERMANENT RESIDENT in japan. And they want me to join them. And my age is currently 18 years and they are inviting me in dependent visa am i eligible to get COE and the visa?
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Re: Can i get dependent visa? 2021/6/11 14:55
The reason for gspouse/dependent of permanent residenth visa is so that a child/spouse of permanent residents in Japan can live with the family members (parent(s) or spouse) while depending on them for their living.

You gcouldh apply, but obviously if you have been living away from them forc the past 20 or 18 years, and did not have to gdependh on them, it might not be accepted. Also as the gchildh (you) is rather grown up and approaching an age where you could work and live on your own, it might make it a bit more difficult too. You could only try.
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Re: Can i get dependent visa? 2021/6/11 17:56
All you can do is try. But being an adult, it is highly unlikely.
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