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Kazeishomeisho not showing 2nd income 2020 2021/6/18 17:19
Will be applying to extend my spouse visa soon. I just got my kazei shomeisho ېŏؖ and noticed that it only shows the income of my main job in 2020 (about 2.5 mil yen). I got my first part-time job last year (which I have permission for) and earned about 600,000 yen from that (the part-time job took 10% income tax every month). Should I go back to city hall and tell them there should be extra on the kazei shomeisho ? Have to admit I'm clueless about all this. I have a x (Shiharai chōshū-sho) from the part-time gig.
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Re: Kazeishomeisho not showing 2nd income 2020 2021/6/19 11:52
If you have a second income exceeding a certain amount (I believe it is 200,000 yen in a year) you need to declare that income along with the taxes they already deducted. Otherwise the tax office does not know that you had that second income and that youfd paid taxes on it.
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Re: Kazeishomeisho not showing 2nd income 2020 2021/6/19 13:26
There is a process called gkakutei shinkoku,h final tax filing, which you do in the spring for the previous year. The guide in English is here:

You might want to take the current tax statement and the extra paper you have (the one showing the additional income and tax withheld by your part-time job) to the local tax office, and see if you can do a tax filing now to correct the situation.
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