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Can wife of HSP (ii) start a business? 2021/6/18 22:53
I am wondering if a wife who is staying as a dependent of a highly skilled professional (ii) can start her own business without changing the status? Anyone in this group has such experience in Japan? Please share. Thank you.
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Re: Can wife of HSP (ii) start a business? 2021/6/20 07:23
For the question as phrased, my understanding of the rules is "no".
Even if you got the permit to engage in activities (work) as a dependent, that would limit you to 28 hours per week, and normally assumes you are working for someone else (i.e. someone is paying you).
If you want to set up a company (which anyone can do) and then work on that business, then you need the correct status of residence for that activity, and "dependent" is not the correct status.
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