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Residents Tax - leaving after 1.5 years 2021/6/20 21:48
Hi all,

I'm considering leaving Tokyo and moving back to Australia. There was no resident tax deduction in the first year of my salary payments (from Feb 2020), which I'm told is standard practice in yr 1.

Now I am looking to leave in July / August 2021 and am wondering what the resident tax total owing is?

Will I be invoiced a full year of resident tax (10% of salary) prior to departing?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Residents Tax - leaving after 1.5 years 2021/6/21 09:17
Maybe your city does things differently, but I am invoiced directly for resident tax by my city each year (it turned up about 10 days ago). Certainly not a salary deduction and no where near 10% (actually worked out very close to 1/24th my annual salary for the current year).
Check with your city hall.
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Re: Residents Tax - leaving after 1.5 years 2021/6/21 12:00
resident tax is charged on January 1 (new year) by calculation based on your income of the previous year.
in your case, since you are residing in Japan on January 1, 2021, you need to pay the resident tax of 2021 (the total amount of resident tax). the payment slip will be sent soon, if you don't receive it right now. actually, I already received my this year's slip.
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