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Exchange programs 2021/6/22 03:53
My friend and I want to move to Japan when we are 16 to 17 years of age for our last year of high school and not just because we like anime, but because we fell in love with Japanese culture and the country is beautiful. I've read many posts here about teenagers wanting to move to japan alone and people advising against it. We were thinking about that, but if there's a way for us to go through an exchange program, it would be even better. Still, the problem is all the exchange programs we've looked at won't let you go with friends and although we understand why we've just always wanted to go together so if anyone knows an exchange program that allows friends to go together that would be great to learn, thank you.

so details
1. were Canadian
2. we already started learning the language
3 we are already getting jobs and saving up
4. We were currently 15 and 14, and we don't plan on going there for another 2 years
5. our parents are okay with us moving
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Re: Exchange programs 2021/6/22 09:57
To live in abroad (not only Japan, you need a visa. To have a visa granted, you must meet all requirements. Therefore visa application is individual basis, and programs as well.

However, shorter programs, such as the summer schools, which you go without a student visa could be possible.
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Re: Exchange programs 2021/6/22 16:28
No exchange programs allow you to go together. You could attempt/ask to be placed in the same city/location. But you run the risk of missing out by being selective. Exchange programs are highly sort after.

I would just apply separately and do whatever it takes to get into a exchange program. Travel together later again when adults.
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Re: Exchange programs 2021/6/22 17:01
You refer to gmovingh to Japan – but do you mean really staying for the last year of high school then staying in Japan thereafter, or are you just hoping to stay for a short term? I assume it is the latter; then see if your school has an exchange program for the summer with any school in Japan.

For gmovingh to Japan, it takes more than just wanting to go and the parents agreeing – you need to be at least 18 to enroll in a language school for example (I mean, being able to follow the classes in Japanese would take more than casually studying for a few years in your home country) or rent an apartment. Therefore, a short-term exchange program for one semester/summer would be the way to try.
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Re: Exchange programs 2021/6/22 17:31
Unfortunately I know none of proper programs which accepts people who can't be fly, live, study solo. Kind of independent mind is requied, you must be able to take care of yourself. Programs genrally don't assign students from the same place or the same language speakers together, otherwise those students never interact with Japanese and other overseas students, and they always speak own language only. You apply one individually once you got a bit matured, I am sure your dream comes true in future.
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