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New Or Unusual Ways To Learn Japanese 2021/6/23 21:50
I was using the Japanese Picture Dictionary. At first the book seemed cool, but kept forgetting words learned earlier as time went by. So started to search for something that would help keep the words stuck in my head.

Randomly came upon software called Japanese Language Decoded (https://www.bonanza.com/listings/Japanese-Language-Decoded/1073580568). When searching about decoding kanji on Bing. Trying to remember kanji and kana is just plain brutal, not to mention the other stuff.

So far, liking this program. Had some brain farts, as didn't know you could resize the GUI, but that's been my fault. It has a retesting feature for when I get kanji or a phrase wrong. Does wonders for me, as I don't have a photographic memory. Wasn't considering it before, but I just might make an attempt at the JLPT eventually.

How about you guys and gals out there? Totally want to compare and learn. What's some new or unorthodox way that is helping you learn Japanese or did you give up?
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Re: New Or Unusual Ways To Learn Japanese 2021/7/2 09:27
Had a few friends ask me about this program for learning Japanese. Made a mistake on the link (sorry about that). Best to go to their website:


In response to the questions that I was asked about (so that it can help others):

1) Has both the JLPT vocabulary from N1 to N5 and all kanji needed.

2) It breaks down the kanji with mnemonics, so that by recognizing each part, you better recognize it as a whole. This improves what you remember. In addition, they can be sorted by grade level or by frequency, which is another way that helps.

3) Can re-test on what you get wrong. This lets you focus on where you need help the most.

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