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Martial art organization 2021/6/24 17:14
Can a martial art organization sponsor me to obtain a resident status?
I do not know how to speak and read Japanese.
I love Japan. I participated in the 55th All Japan Aikido in 2017.
I have a 2nd Dan rank.
by Benjamin Avinante, Jr (guest)  

Re: Martial art organization 2021/6/25 06:55
I think so, if you are eligible to apply (changing?) the status, application is legit, relationship between you and them are reasonable (e.g. employee and employer), they agree to be your sponsor, and they are eligible.
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Re: Martial art organization 2021/6/25 08:17
On the https://www.mofa.go.jp/j_info/visit/visa/long/index.html page there is a list of the different categories. Sportspeople comes under "entertainer".
The big "however" is that it is designed for professional sports people that make a living from their sport. You need to be able to show your sport provides you sufficient income in order to have a successful application.
As a second option, that might be worth exploring, is the "cultural activities" category as that covers unpaid pursuits. You would need to be able to show sufficient resources (savings) to support yourself for the duration of your stay in Japan.
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