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Free online universities in Japan 2021/6/30 18:43
I have been dreaming of going to college since 2001 and that is the year when I come to Japan to live with my mother. But since tuition fee in Japan is so high I opted on going for free college and even for online class.. thanks for those who can give me an answer.
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 00:59
If I understand correctly you are in Japan (and have some kind of valid residency status) and want to study online at university.

If it’s online you aren’t really limited to Japanese universities. It could potentially be a university in an other country, right? (Unless you want to study in Japanese)

So you could potentially look for online universities world wide. Just be sure you select a reputable one. So that your degree is actually recognized.

Universities in Germany are generally very cheap (but not free). This one is a very reputable one and costs about 600 Euro per year :

UK universities are more expensive, but you can study in English. Open university is also very reputable and costs about 10 times as much.

The Dutch version is somewhere between the UK and Germany regarding costs. But I haven’t checked if the courses are in English or Dutch.

I guess you get the picture.

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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 03:52
Have you Googled keywords such as 無料の大学 or オンライン大学 or 放送大学 ? If so, would you like to tell us more about your problem?
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 06:28
You may have been mislead or misunderstood. But online or off campus study still costs money.
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 07:11
A completely free online college is unlikely to exist in any country, at least one that provides a degree that would be recognised by employers. They would need to pay staff to write and run the courses, pay IT staff to keep the online system running, pay admin staff to keep track of students, etc. It would be highly unlikely that they could pass on a reputable course to students for free.
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 07:27
@guest, yes, completely for free is probably unlikely. But as the example of the Fernuniversität Hagen shows, a Bachelor at 1,500-2,000 Euros (about 250,000 Yen) is possible and a fully recognized university degree.
It really depends on the country. In Germany at least it is way more expensive to send kids to nursery than university.

To OP, your criteria shouldn’t only be “free” or “low cost”, but also recognized! Otherwise you’ll just loose time and money (even in a free course you’ll loose money by not being able to use that time for a paid work)
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 11:17
I, too, think there is no free universities and I think two other respondents also know the ways to study with low budget, they just didn't mention it. What about this term 通信制大学? It may help you with search online courses as well as the other terms, which another respondent is suggesting. Some renowned universities have distance courses and its degree is authentic, I know some Japanese colleagues who were not blessed with an opportunity of higher education due to financial reason got a degree at 30s or even older age and managed to get a better position at work or got another better job.
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Re: Free online universities in Japan 2021/7/1 13:37
Op came to japan in 2001 and want to study in 2021 and his mother live in japan from 2001
(From my understanding).is it really true?

However We,Thousands of foreigners study in japan (with some kind of scholarships ,either by japanese gov,either by japanese universi ties or either by our gov).

Even our thousands of japanese friend study in university free of cost.they do not pay a single yen out of their pocket nor their parents.Then who pay their tuition fee?
Ofcourse,japanese government.it means my
J friends take student loans from gov,and after finish their study when they work,they will return this student loans.Beside millions of japanese study uni with scholarship.so study is affordable.
I am afraid of op's endeavour of study.
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