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Who to update phone number 2021/7/8 11:46
I'm a foreigner on one year visa.
I'll be changing my phone number soon.
Who should be updated? Is there anyone I have missed?

- Employer
- Landlord/Housing Company
- Utilities
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Re: Who to update phone number 2021/7/9 12:17
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Re: Who to update phone number 2021/7/9 14:53
Besides your employer and family members and friends,
-Utility providers if you have any property
-Insurance and financial institutions, your bank like JapanCustomTours said, but also your insurance, superannuation/pension funds, stockbroker if you have any, credit cards
-Depending on where you live, your driver license authority, local electorate roll, town council
-Any alumni you are part of
-Other social clubs
-Blizzard entertainment/Steam/Netflix etc if any
-If you get on well with your neighbours, maybe they can call you if anything arrives or anyone asks for you

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