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Changing working visa to student visa 2021/7/11 03:29
I want to know process for changing engineer working visa to student visa if it is possible. After my bachelor, I want to work for a year in Japan and then pursue masters degree in Japanese university. Please, tell me is it possible or not and tell process if it is possible.

by Sushant Adhikari (guest)  

Re: Changing working visa to student visa 2021/7/11 12:03
That process is called gapplication for a change of resident status,h not gchange of visa.h

Please note the difference between gvisah and gresident status.h
Visa is something you get from outside Japan and use to genterh Japan.
Once you are in Japan, you have a gresident status.h

So once you enter Japan with a work visa (sponsored by an employer in Japan), you will apply for a change from that to gstudenth status.

So it is possible, but please note that youfll need to be accepted by the graduate school first to start the process for the change, so you need to be careful with the timing of everything.
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Re: Changing working visa to student visa 2021/7/16 16:44
It depends on the type of work you are to work then it shows that you need more collage before you can work in to that company and the company need your notifications about your education when you don't have , you are now to change the working visa to students visa
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