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Regarding engineering student expenses 2021/7/11 03:42
Working how many hours per week is enough to sustain all the expenses for post graduate engineering students provided student does only necessary and compulsary type of expenses and is studying without scholarship?
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Re: Regarding engineering student expenses 2021/7/11 14:26
if you are a student status holder, you can work only for 28 hours per week.
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Re: Regarding engineering student expenses 2021/7/15 12:36
It's a pretty simple calculation, really. Take the monthly cost of the post graduate engineering program. Add the cost of apartment rent. Add in 40,000 yen a month for groceries and utilities. That'll give you your total expenses for the month. Divide that number by four, and you'll have your approximate expenses per week. Next, divide your per-week expenses by the hourly pay for your job, and you'll get the number of hours per week that would be enough to sustain you if you have no scholarship or preexisting savings.

Note that this won't be an exact number, since a month is slightly longer than four weeks, and if your quoted hourly pay is pre-tax, you'll need to pay about 10 percent of it as income tax, and probably somewhere around 10 percent in local resident taxes too. Also be aware that the above calculation doesn't allow for any sort of entertainment expenses. Still, it'll give you a rough idea of the approximate number of hours a week you'll need to be working to cover your school/living expenses.

As to how much your school and apartment will cost, and how much your job will pay, we have no idea, because we don't know where you're going to g to school, where you're going to live, and what kind of work you're going to be doing.
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Re: Regarding engineering student expenses 2021/7/15 16:01
Keep in mind that you will need a proof of funds when applying for a student visa. So it will be hard to get the visa even if you could barely make it with a part time job
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