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Minaguchi-ya, Okitsu - coordinates? 2021/7/12 21:23
I am currently reading 'Japanese Inn' and I am trying to find the actual location (lat/long?) of the historic (1569) Minaguchi-ya inn in Okitsu, Shizuoka on Google Maps. Yes - I do realise the inn closed in the 1980s and there is no access to the building - but I would just like to see the actual location - to put into perspective with the book descriptions of the area.
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Re: Minaguchi-ya, Okitsu - coordinates? 2021/7/13 08:31

According to above (in Japanese), one corner of the former inn has been transformed into a gallery that exhibits its history. Map and coordinates are included.
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Re: Minaguchi-ya, Okitsu - coordinates? 2021/7/17 22:52
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