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Books in English on post WW2 Japanese history 2021/7/17 16:15
HI. I am looking for some reading in English on Japanese history from the end of of the war up to say, the end of the bubble economy. Any suggestions would be gratefully received. I have read Embracing Defeat.
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Re: Books in English on post WW2 Japanese history 2021/7/20 05:40
When I took Japanese History 1+2 a million year ago in college, I read the Japan That Can Say No. And while it's fiction, I think the Twilight Years by Ariyoshi Sawako (if you can find it, it might be out of print) gives a really interesting look at post WW2 Japan written from a Japanese woman's perspective. I also love her book the River Ki (again it might be out of print, I bought my copy in the early 1990s) which follows a family from the Meiji Restoration to post War Japan. But again, it's fiction. I can't remember the other books we read in class. The Professor had an interesting format where we got to pick books from a list of 10 or so books and then write papers on them.

I've also read Office Ladies and Salaried Men, which might be slightly post bubble? I can't remember since it's been a while. I've also read a book about a catering hall in Japan, but I can't remember the name though I believe it definitely deals with the bubble.
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Re: Books in English on post WW2 Japanese history 2021/7/21 14:32
Thank you @Rkold. I know that this isnt the most popular subject & there probably wouldnt be too wide a readership for any books that manage to get published. I'll try to find the titles you mention, the next struggle will be to find copies :)
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Re: Books in English on post WW2 Japanese history 2021/7/21 17:54
I see that you have already read the book I was going to suggest. The only other contemporary book which I found fascinating was " underground" by Haruki Murakami. It covers the Sarin Gas attacks in the late 90's and includes lots of interviews from both victims and supporters of the cult. It was one of the few books I have read multiple times
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