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Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/25 14:43
Anyone have any links or PDFs to maps of Kyoto's shrines and temples?
Those touristy maps/pamphlets/PDFs are easier to read and follow.
Also means I won't miss anything.
Google Maps is too difficult.
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Re: Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/25 16:34
I googled "Kyoto PDF maps" and got heaps of results.
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Re: Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/25 18:17
Actually I agree with the OP, there is so much information it is hard to know.

this one isnt bad to get an understanding of where some things are, but Kyoto has a zillion places to see, generally speaking you take the station as your main point and then divide it into quadrants - north west (arashiyama/ryonaji/kinkaguji), North east (Philosophers path, Kiyomizudera/gion), South East (Fushimi Inari/Tofuku-ji); and South west/station area (Toji, Nijo to the north).


Personally apart from a few hidden gems in town (like Shosei-en), most of the nicer things are in the greener areas on the map, which tend to be the hillier areas.

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Re: Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/26 00:34
Here is a temple/shrine map of Kyoto that I found online some years ago.


The rail lines that are shown are not completely up to date though.
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Re: Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/26 02:27
I know there are too many temples/shrines in Kyoto. Google Map will show all of them (if you search for temple or shrine) and it's overwhelming.
But you can simplify and create your own Google Map and you can also use it as real-time navigation tool. It's worth learning (I learned it on my second trip, and I wished I learned it sooner).

1️⃣Decide which temple/shrine you want to visit (that may be the most difficult task, in a given time you have in Kyoto). Use this site's guide to narrow down the list. https://www.japan-guide.com/e/e3950.html

2️⃣Locate them on the Google Map, one at a time.

3️⃣Click each location, and use SAVE option to mark it (as Favorites or Want To Go).
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Re: Online Kyoto Maps 2021/7/26 07:45
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