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Transportation jobs in Japan 2021/7/25 20:34
Just watched several cab view videos from Japan, some including attendants of ropeways and some in quite monotonous travel distances like the electric powered bus lines in Tateyama Alpine Route. I also remember there is a short distance train called Leo Liner outside of Tokyo I came across a few years ago.

For the Leo Liner, wouldn't people die out of boredom driving the line all day long for several years? Or do they swap position from day to another driving other trains in the same company?

For those driving tunnel buses in the Tateyama Alpine Route, do they drive the buses on the outside aswell?

Sorry if my question sound rude, I just kept wondering when I saw these videos.
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Re: Transportation jobs in Japan 2021/7/28 13:49
I found A lot of foreigners work in transport related job such as selling air ticket.
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Re: Transportation jobs in Japan 2021/7/28 16:55
To know how specific routines work for specific jobs, you need to ask the people engaging in that job, but here is an example of a typical day at work for a Toby Rail train driver:

It's in Japanese language, but as you can see in the photos, he comes to work and changes to his uniform by 9:30am, do briefing at 10:00, and starts driving at 10:30. He would drive for an hour, then rest, then drive and rest on and on until the day is over.

I don't know how driving trains could be a boring job. There are so many things the driver should look out for in order to transport passengers as well as himself safely to each destination. He also needs to make sure to stop the train at the right stations at the right spot, so that people can get on and off safely. Once in a while, the news would report about terrible train accidents happening all over the world, so I think it's a truly important and technical job that requires a lot of focusing.

Compared to that, a lot of jobs around the world are quite boring to begin with. For example, a lot of well-paid office workers would go to their offices and just punch numbers in on and on. Popular athletes and artists spend most of the year practicing the same movement for hours. Mostly, a teacher would teach the same thing over and over for many classes across many years. It would only help if students pay attention and learn.
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Re: Transportation jobs in Japan 2021/7/28 18:11
For teaching, even though you teach the same thing year after year, if you really love the subject then you love conveying this information to students. You want them to have the same appreciation for the subject that you do, and you're excited to introduce them to it.

I suspect train driving would be the same. If you really love it, if it gets you excited, then it's unlikely to bore you.
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