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Kichijoji station renovation 2021/7/27 17:36
Went to Tokyo in oct 2013 passing the building of Kichijoji station after a visit to Ghibli museum. I remember there being a lot of renovation going on and also some temporary toilets being located in the building.

Quite curious if there are any photos of this renovation. Not sure how to find as my Japanese skills are rather basic.
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Re: Kichijoji station renovation 2021/7/28 00:41
Found some photos and drawings of the construction by searching under gˎwǍH , which translates to Kichijoji Station Improvement Construction.
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Re: Kichijoji station renovation 2021/7/28 07:40
Oh wow, ITO, thank you that's terrific.

I know finding specific words in any language that fits the purpose is always hard, thank you for helping me pointing it out to me.

I remember the day of visit was in mid October, when a typhoon was closing in. So the weather was quite cold and wet. Something about Japan I miss, being able to buy hot drinks most about anywhere and anytime during the colder months.
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