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September hiring for new graduates 2021/8/9 02:53
Hello, next year I'm going to a senmon Gakkou to study IT. This school has 2 entry to school seasons, one in April which is the usual and then one in October that not all senmon Gakkou have. I'll be taking the course that starts in October so I'll graduate in September 2024. I've read a lot that companies usually hire people in March since the vast majority of students graduate in March so I'm pretty worried that I might not find companies that hire new graduates in September. Has anyone been in this situation or know how job searching / hiring in september for new graduates work?
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Re: September hiring for new graduates 2021/8/9 17:14
I'm not a recent college graduate nor have graduated from a Japanese college. However, I have seen and talked to numerous college graduates looking for jobs in the September time frame and have personally interviewed for jobs in the September to November time frame.

While it is true that various companies in Japan bring people onboard in March and April, it doesn't always follow such a script. Why they might prefer March and April can have to do with tax filing deadlines in Japan or having a specific orientation and training schedule for new hires. While larger companies tend to have more specific schedules and calendar dates, smaller companies will often be more flexible and have a greater range of variation.

Companies can have technically told you that they will hire you back in February, or even the interview process started back in October. Some companies go crazy with interviews, where there can be as many as 5 and they take many months before making a hiring decision. The more prestigious the job, the more applicants involved, or the higher the pay then things can move very slowly.

I actually think you can have an advantage by graduating in that time frame. Anyway, it's not something for a young person to lose sleep over. If anything, you probably want to start getting in contact with companies, recruiters, visit job fairs, and even do interviews before you graduate. As you are in IT, it can be a bit easier for you to find something.
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Re: September hiring for new graduates 2021/8/9 20:12
This page explains everything.
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