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What visa to get to join husband? 2021/8/12 05:27
Hi I am new here and I hope someone can help me.
Me and my husband met and git married last year here in Bahrain. Last July 2 he left for Yokosuka Japan. He will stay there for 3 years. Before he left, we already did the medical screening and I am already listed on his orders, DEERS and even our son.
I also have a Dependents Military ID issued here at Bahrain US Base.
We have a 8 month old son, a US Citizen. I am NOT A US CITIZEN and NO GREEN CARD YET.
He already gave all my details on the Base here in Bahrain before he left for Japan.
Now that he is in Japan, how can he take me and my son over there?
Do I need to go to Japanese Embassy to get a visa? Should I go to the US Base in Bahrain to ask for a visa? Or should he go to Japan US Base to get us a visa?
Im so confused. I am a holder of a Philippine Passport working in Bahrain.
I hope somebody can help us. We really want to stay and live with him over there. We dint want a short term visa.
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Re: What visa to get to join husband? 2021/8/12 14:46
Your husband asks his boss/commander
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Re: What visa to get to join husband? 2021/8/12 17:08

You have a very complex situation that ordinary people who don't know about the inner working of U.S. military policies and procedures can't help you with.

From what I know and heard, your husband needs to have orders that you can join him in Japan. In that way you can live on the military base with him (or an apartment nearby). To get those orders, that is something that your husband has to do and it must be approved by his superiors. If you get that approval, then you will be under SOFA. This is a special type of "visa" between Japan and the U.S. for military personnel and civilian support.

If you have a copy of those orders (specifically for coming to Japan) and a military issued ID (and ID stating you are his dependent wife), then you can book a flight to Japan. You would show that at the airport. From there, usually everything would be arranged by the U.S. military in terms of how to get to the base and where you will stay temporarily.

Just because a military person is married, doesn't mean there is automatic approval for his family to accompany him. There are all kinds of factors involved, like possibly rank or how long he is being deployed. So unless you have a copy of orders to specifically join your husband in Japan (with the name of the military base in Japan on it), then you need to wait and discuss the issue with your husband.

If you do have such orders and your husband is not available, then you might be able to go to the U.S. embassy and get further details on who you can contact at Yokosuka.
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Re: What visa to get to join husband? 2021/8/12 17:16
Thank you very much for your reply!
I will tell my husband about this at-least he will have an idea to what he will do over there.

I also emailed the Japan Embassy in Bahrain and they contacted the head quarters in Tokyo and told me to let my husband contact the USFJ.

God bless and Stay Safe!
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