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Red Tide Watch in Japan? 2021/8/12 09:18
Here in Florida, we have not one but two easily accessible websites showing the status of red tides to determine when it's safe to fish for shellfish. I haven't been able to find anything of the sort for Japan despite it being subject to the same issues. As I plan on living there, I'd like a way to tell when it's safe. Is there a website like this?
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Re: Red Tide Watch in Japan? 2021/8/12 14:51
The word for red tide in Japanese is Ԓ (Akashio). I did a little search and found few sites, but they all seem to be location specific (one prefecture or one specific bay) - not found any national level site. If you know which area of Japan you will reside, you can search for that specific location.
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Re: Red Tide Watch in Japan? 2021/8/12 15:20
I'm no expert, but Google tells me that Red Tide Alerts (aka-shio-keihou Ԓx) and Red Tide Watches (aka-shio-chuui-hou Ԓӕ) are announced from each prefecture to its Japan Fisheries cooperative and designated fisheries.

I also understand that you are only allowed to fish for shellfish at designated spots only when you're allowed to. For example, ordinary families can fish shellfish but only when the fishery spots are opened to the public during certain seasons.

Here is an example of an old Red Tide Alert I happened to find, and it's for Kagawa Prefecture.
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